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This package includes a enhancement machine polish to enhance gloss whilst improving depth and clarity of your vehicles paintwork. All exterior surfaces protected with a durable hard glass coating which lasts 12 months / 12,000 miles (coating upgrade available) We also include light interior work by vacuuming, dusting and wiping down hard surfaces. A deep interior clean can be added on at a discounted price as its with us for some time.


Ceramic coatings are the best in vehicle protection without going to the huge expense of PPF (Paint Protection Film). Every surface of your vehicle exterior can be protected with what's best described as a hard glass coat. This creates a solid, slick top layer that aids in preventing damage/marks from bird droppings, acid rain, chemicals, mud and debris, UV ray and light scratching.

All our ceramic coating packages include an exterior deep clean (Engine bay included) a thorough three-stage paint decontamination (Iron fallout, tar removal and clay bar)


*A paint inspection may be required before. Heavily defected and swirled vehicles may require a two-stage paint correction. 

FROM £249 (1 DAYS)

Upgrade to a 3 year coating: +£50

Add Interior Detail: +£45


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